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Weekend update LONG!)

November 7th, 2005 at 03:08 pm

Wow it was a busy weekend

Friday night our monthly wine and whine for work. I invited a bunch of friends for drinks and dinner out at a local restaurant (Centro). We had a good time but drinks and dinner were more expensive than I thought and I ended up ordering dessert (flan which I love but never actually order). Spending was $35 for 5 hours of fun.

Saturday I did laundry and cleaned the house then went to get my hair cut. I just needed a trim and was not willing to pay my regular person $55 for a trim so I went to a super cuts nearby. I was really nervous about it but I had a wonderful girl and I would go back and see her again. She trimmed it just the way I wanted it and it was only $13!

Had a movie afternoon with a friend and we both got a soda and split a popcorn as we both missed lunch. Movie was $9.5 for the popcorn she treated. Prime was a cute movie

Dinner out that night was not planned for me. I was going to stay at home and read my new book and do laundry. It has been a long week for me and I was tired and had to work my second job on Sunday really early but my housemate and friends convinced me to go. So I went to Zocalo and had a great dinner but spent $25.

Sunday I worked 4 hours then they sent me home. My arm is still sore and weak from the accident in October and it is hard to lift anything with my right hand, or do much work on my computer. I am thinking about quitting as I need a break and they would hire me back at the busy time of year next spring. The money is not much more a month right now since I work only 1 day a week and after almost 2 years of 7 days a week I am exhausted and want a break! Bu it can make my decision later this week. They understand.

Sunday afternoon some friends and I went to lunch but since I had already eaten I joined them in three bites of the appetizer and lots of water. $2. Then we went and saw jar head and we bought a drink and a popcorn, spent $17. So only 1 week in and one third of my spending money for the month is gone. At least when I have vacation during thanksgiving week it should be cheap, I have to finish packing up my house and won’t really be doing much else.

Did grocery shopping too on Sunday and spent $44. Instead of spices this trip I bought a cookie sheet (mine are in the old house) and I will be buying one spice a trip to the store until I am caught up. I saved almost $40 on the trip thought because Safeway was having a b1g1 sale on some things I use like jam and jelly and such. So into the cupboard they went. Always nice to have a little something extra tucked away. Now if I could just find PB that way! Still have 250 toward grocery this month. It seems like a lot but I am trying to slowly gather things I will need instead of spending a huge chunk when I moved into my new home in August.

It was an expensive but fun weekend. It just means that this month I need to make sure to walk to work and not drive so as to not pay for parking. I have only driven one day this month but that was because I had an off site meeting and needed the car. It I walk to work I save $7 a day and put that in my “secret” stash to be used toward something else later.

Enough for now!

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