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Goals for March - Fitness, nutrition, travel and money

March 2nd, 2014 at 07:30 pm

Fitness Challenge goals:
20 workouts during the month to equal 30 miles walked.

No eating out starting Ash Wednesday. The only exception is the business trip I am taking beginning Saturday the 22 and ending Thursday the 27th. Although for business trips I usually go to the grocery store and buy yogurt, high fiber bread, PB, jelly, fruit, carrots, sometimes juice boxes. Trying to follow the lent plan but it is also difficult when traveling.

I pack my lunch bag, ice blue frozen things to freeze in the room refrigerator, and zip lock bags. I make mu lunch in the hotel room and take to the meeting or training sites. It saves me money and I can control better the nutrition for breakfast and lunch. For dinner I join my colleagues or friends who live in the area or have yogurt and fruit. It also helps me on my weight loss goals.

On my trip last month my colleague got us access to the concierge room (he travels 160+ nights a year and only stays in one hotel brand when he can and has major points). It provided us breakfast and coffee each morning and appetizers, drinks and snacks each evening. I went for appetizers once and that was my dinner. It was more than enough. He has arranged it again for the next two trips. A hot breakfast of eggs and an English muffin and coffee is a great way to start the day, after going to the gym.

Work out logs:
March 2 Am workout 1.33 miles in 40 minutes, and PM 1 mile in 30 minutes.

Total: 2.33 miles

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