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...I'm moving on, I'm movin on, I'm moving on...

October 28th, 2009 at 10:17 pm

I got the apartment and signed the lease yesterday. I set up my utilities yesterday too. I decided to get a phone line for now but will re-evaluate after christmas and see if my cell phone is working ok.

I did get cable but got a pretty good deal for a year and lots of extra channels. I will probably do what i did this past year and dvr lots of movies to watch sometime in the future when the movie channels go away.

I am pulling some money from savings to go shopping and buy some furniture and needed items for the apartment. I have been saving money for so long for a house and furniture that I think this is ok. Not a lot of furniture but a love seat that is also a pull out bed, another love seat, a chair that changes into a single bed, a couple of book shelves, dishes, glasses, silverware, etc. and most importantly a bed frame!! Yeah!!

I know what I want and even the prices. I will not go overboard but will enjoy the fruits of my labors and am excited to get some new things for my new to me home.

1 Responses to “...I'm moving on, I'm movin on, I'm moving on...”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    How exciting!!!

    Here we have Dollar General stores and when CashHappySon moved out we were able to get the majority of his starter kitchen needs met there at a very reasonable price. Other than those we had already picked up at thrift stores and garage sales of course. Smile

    Enjoy your new home!

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