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Screwy Calculator, monkey mama can you help me?

December 29th, 2007 at 12:58 am

So I am playing around with the paycheck calendar for CA state employees to determine what my take home salary will be next year.

It does not make sense! Are there lots of changes to the tax codes for next year or something?

It says that if I put away 500 a month more the difference in my paychecks is only about 30 dollars? Even better if I was to leave everything the way it was for another year I would take home an extra 250 a month?? How does that work?

I am ready to call Monkey Mama and ask her opinion or have her play around with the calculator because I cannot figure it out to save my life! It just does not make sense.

I have checked all the deductions and made sure that the things I have taken out (health, dental, eyes etc) are the same amounts as they are not changing next year but it does not make sense!

I don't want to wait until feb and a new check to find out i have shorted myself more than i should and am screwed until i can change the deductions again.

1 Responses to “Screwy Calculator, monkey mama can you help me?”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    I would try paycheckcity.com. I use that for my check. Every time I get a raise I plug it in to see what my net will be. You pick the state and put in all your info, and wala.

    If you PM me the details of your check for last year and the new changes, I Can figure it out for you too. Might be easiest.

    Do you have the right # of exemptions? What # is different? Does it show it line by line? (paycheck city does). SDI will be a little different (0.8% up from 0.6% last year) but everything else should be the same. check the fed & state withholding that it matches last years before you do anything else. My guess is it is calculating different withholdings. ??? None of the other tax rates have changed.

    Of course the withholding won't match exactly, if #s change, but should be close. IF you're not sure how many exemptions you claimes last year I could figure it out with more info.

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