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wonderful day!! Happy Birthday Mom!!!

December 30th, 2007 at 11:03 pm

Today is my momís birthday. While we wanted to celebrate her birthday with all the family tonight my older sister Alice is sick with the stomach flu so we are going to do it Wednesday.

I surprised my mom with second row tickets for riverdance on Christmas and they were for today. She loved it, has tears in her eyes when it started she was so excited. We saw them about 10 years ago so she was excited to see how it had changed. It was a wonderful performance. If you ever get a chance to see it, do it!

We had lunch before hand at Panera and then the show (matinee) then she suggested she buy us dinner. We had a light dinner (light on entree but good dessert) at the Tower Cafe here in Sacramento. Great meal and great desserts. We had a simply wonderful day.

Since the birthday dinner thing was postponed I cleaned out one box in my room and straightened a little. I have so much I need to organize or get rid of it is a joke. I made the decision to toss a few things (or recycle) but need to do so much more. Slowly and surely it will be cleaned up and organized.

Need to decide what I am going to study this spring but I am waiting to find out my grade in my mandarin course first. Do I retake the first class or can I move to class 1.5? (a half step higher). I wish I knew.

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