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New position possible?

May 19th, 2014 at 11:14 am

I am actively looking to leave the job I have loved for 6 years. I just can’t stand it anymore. Things never get resolved, poor management, no support for staff, bickering between managers has staff put in awkward places, managers who don’t do their work as managers means staff is coming and going at any hours they want or “telecommuting” but never are available via phone or email, no accountability and those of us who are here, do our work, are professional get dumped on with more work assigned.

I actually applied for a new job in the same field in Colorado. I am investigating the moving process of getting my personal items from California to Denver, looking for a new place to live, looking at the lifestyle and how the Denver metro are feels. I know I will rent an apartment for the first year. Must have parking and be a two bedroom because of the work from home opportunities since the position can travel up to 75%. After the first year I may rent a house or buy a small condo. It depends on how things are going and how I survive the first winter. Haven’t had a real winter since my time in Vermont for grad school. There was a ton of snow and I hated shoveling it. But much less snow in Denver than Vermont!

In 1998 I moved to Vermont after never having been there for grad school. I loved it. I would have stayed had I found a job in Vermont or Massachusetts. I am up for a new adventure and moving to Colorado sounds exciting and a new job sounds even better.

Does anyone have any experience in Denver? Know the area? Recommendations on where to live or avoid (that is my big question currently)? If I get the job I will drive my car there and they also are providing a car because they position can travel up to 75% time during major events and emergencies. I am excited about the possibility. More money, better benefits, small office, travel, work from home or in an office as I am the only one from the head agency there and assigned a region. Anyway, if anyone has any experience in Colorado, I’d love to know!

4 Responses to “New position possible? ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I have only visited. My sister and her husband were in Denver for about six months before moving to Boulder. They were there for two years in the mid 1990s. They loved it there! I would move there pretty quick myself if it were an option. Definitely less snow then Vermont, the mountains are so pretty to see from Denver. Good luck...I think there are forums on city-data.com that can 'sometimes' be helpful!

  2. korihor69 Says:

    Daughter lived in Ft Collins for 5 years and we visited about once a month. We noticed that the people are not as friendly, seemed to focused on careers and upward mobility. Although I understand that if you contact the Welcome Wagon in your chosen city they will present you with a black lab. Everyone has a BIG dog there.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    WOW! Exciting - Good Luck!

  4. snafu Says:

    Suggest renting a condo or apartment with garage to avoid all that shoveling that 1st year. State tax 2.9% I believe. Will employer pay any moving expenses? We've moved a lot for employment and found it was cost efficient to sell most stuff on CraigsList and buy gently used replacements if you're ok with the idea [not sofa or mattress]. We shipped clothes and household goods via transport but had to bring boxes to their depot/distribution site.

    As I understand it, you can expect to pay close to $ 1. per pound for a local move and add mileage for out of state move for furnishings and boxes you've packed yourself. Start saving any bubble wrap that comes your way. It's worth the cost to buy wrap paper as newsprint too easily coats items. Get short term 'rider' insurance piggy backed on your car insurance as the movers policy is pitiful and expensive. If at all possible book move for mid week and mid month asap.

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