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To Do List for new house

February 1st, 2015 at 03:20 pm

List of items for new house:
Re-key house DONE
Garage door opener installed DONE
Select garage code DONE
Air filter
Lights in hallway changed
Bulbs in hallway changed
Figure our switches in master
Bulbs in bathrooms changed
Dining room light fixture changed
Refrigerator DONE
Washing machine DONE
Dryer DONE
Washing machine pan DONE
Leak in water system
Program sprinkler system to match city schedule
Security system
Measure floors
Cleaning carpets DONE
Movers scheduled/moved DONE
Cleaning house DONE
Rebuild garage shelving
Hot water heater 2/25/2015
Replace ceiling fans
Roof issue 6 cracked tiles
Replace door to garage
Replace master bath shower thing
Buy tv mounts and Mount tvs
Sell ceramic animals from back yard
Transfer utilities: gas, electric, sewer, garbage, water DONE
Move master bath door
Table in entry way
New electrical outlet covers with night lights integrated
Scrape stars off ceiling DONE
Remove bathroom border and fake crown molding
Paint laundry room
Paint guest bath
Guest bath towel holders
Flooring throughout house
Lock for outside power cabinet
Laundry room drying rack possible?
Cancel renters insurance. DONE AND DEPOSITED REFUND
Move ATT services DONE
Dryer wool balls need 4 more
Chimney cleaning
Hallway light coverings
Pantry redesign
Window coverings
A add French doors off living room haha, years from now
Change sliding doors to French doors
Re do "brick patio" off living room
Laundry room light fixture
Porch light fixture front and back
Buy lawn mower
Fence and gate replacement
Find and buy desk for office DONE
Replace garbage disposal 2/25/2015


3 Responses to “To Do List for new house”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I know we always make a long list like this when we move in. It actually can be good in some cases that the ideas don't get done since our ideas are more exciting than the cost!

  2. Kiki Says:

    Oh, I am certainly on a budget with the house improvements. These are first thoughts and will slowly be ticked off over the next couple of years.

  3. snafu Says:

    What a monster big Valentine gift! You will always remember the event.

    I don't know what point you're at on the pack up/ move out part of this exciting new milestone. I offer some suggestions in the hopes of being helpful. It helps to think of the next two weeks as 'camp-out,' keeping everything simple. We used coloured 'Post it Notes' on the boxes to identify designated rooms and designated categories. Pack up anything you'll not use, not need for quite a while like any Halloween/ Thanksgiving/Christmas stuff giving those containers a brightly coloured sticker post-it. Pack up everything used in the summer: picnic gear, beach stuff, summer clothes, Easter decor & label with pastel stickers. Those will be put in any secondary storage space available and the last things to unpack after the move. Bo oks were our nemesis as their weight requires smaller boxes. File cabinet moved intact.

    Try your best to 'eat down' the kitchen, using up as much of the food at hand as possible. Meals will be wonky/weird for 2 weeks but food stuffs are awkward and more risk to move. We use segmented liquor boxes, free from liquor stores to transport cleaning and bathrm supplies as well as bottles,cans and packages from pantry and fridge. All have designated coloured stickers.

    We bought used wardrobe boxes from a moving company and merely transferred seasonal clothes from closets on their hangers to wardrobe and to new residence closet in moments. I threw shoes in larger boxes since they're light weight. We loaded small parts in snack sized, zip bags and taped those to their own furniture. We wrap all small things in unprinted news print paper but pack those in moderate sized zip bags to avoid accidentally pitching out.

    I recommend transporting important documents, CC, via the locked glove box of your vehicle. The mover will expect immediate payment. Off Load up takes less than half time of loading. Perhaps pack a suitcase of 3 days clothes, grooming, etc supplies so you can find what you want when you want it during transition. It helps to have the movers set up the bed and designate 1st task to make up the bed so there is one point of sanctuary. A box with bathrm supplies [tp, towels, paper towels and bed set with sheets, pillow cases, pillows, quilt needs to travel with you. Smart to have already done lighting.

    We numbered boxes to know the order to unpack but it was too frustrating for our friends who were helping.
    Sorry so long....

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