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September 29th, 2005 at 03:48 pm

So i wonder where i caught this cold that i seem to have? and my neck is so stiff from stress at work i could just cry. But yesterday was a no spend day for me! Yippee! Today was a birthday lunch that i knew about and had planned for in my budget.

My budget is all set for October and pay day is tomorrow from both my jobs, gotta love Fridays and pay days. I am so anxious for everything to come through tomorrow so that i can schedule the payments i want to pay tomorrow and start clean in October.

I have only two activities planned for the month, and the money is set aside for both as well as any other spending money i may need, groceries, gas etc. I think i am set for the month.

Edit: and i am planning for 10 no spend days this month!

the beginning and an introduction

September 27th, 2005 at 05:02 pm

Hello! My name is Kristina and I have a lot of debt and wish to get rid of everything (excluding my student loans which is to much) by January 2008. Earlier would be great, but this is my last step. This journal is made to track my progress toward riding myself of this albatross.

I have no credit cards that I use. One I carry but that is strictly for emergencies (and shoe sales, as much as I want them to count, do not qualify!)

I have a very detailed budget that I found hard to stick to, so over the past three months I have been tracking my spending and trying to re organize it and make it more specific, it is now about 2.5 pages long but accounts for everything I spend.

I take money out each month, my allowance if you will, that I allow myself to use to do the things I want to do. I have a grocery allowance, a gas allowance (luckily I am starting to walk to work to save on the gas, it is just ridiculous in California!) I am making a grocery list when I go to the store and only buy what is on the list and I look for specials, coupons and rebates where ever possible.

I hope that this journal will keep me honest about my situation but sharing with someone who is not a friend or family. What is so funny is that I have been reading and studying this, (am thinking about getting a degree in finance to compliment my others) and have even been able to help others make decisions about finances, work on budgets and get their lives in order but I canít seem to pay off things fast enough. I am 100% cash as of a month ago and putting any extra to ward paying off two cards with in the next 5 months then I will have only 2 cards, one large and one small to pay off. Then I only have student loans but that wonít affect my ability to save for a down payment on a house and get on with my life.

I have a few questions that I am hoping you can answer as I have spent the past couple of weeks reading the journals and boards:

1. Where can one purchase the discount gift cards that people have been talking about?
2. What are the envelopes people are talking about?
3. Where can one find on line coupons without having to sign up for something or give my email?

Financial Goals include:
Paying cash for everything.
Getting daily spending to be no more than 12.00 per day.
Using more coupons and specials.
Buying generic or store brand more often and putting the difference into my savings account.
To keep saving toward retirement at 15% 401k and 3% IRA.
To rebuild my emergency fund back to 10,000.