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money, money, money, money.....money!

November 23rd, 2009 at 01:55 pm

The one thing that has surprised me about moving: I have saved some money.

I know I have spent a lot of money buying items for the apartment and it seems like everytime I go into a store I walk out with something but all that spending was planned for years (really, years).

What has surprised me is that the stress that was in my life is gone. Well, almost gone. My former land lord is dragging her feet about final payments, that I owe for “lost” silverware (interesting story see below.) but overall there is lots less stress I feel. That has translated into me not spending money. I have been eating at home, enjoying my peace and quiet and just loving the apartment. I have not bought fast food (which was a staple for a while when things were so bad, where I could buy almost every meal out Mon-Fri.)and buying groceries for the house that I someone have $500 left over this month. Yes, I know that there is still a week to go but with only a couple of items needed at the store, it will be nice to end the month with money in the bank. I have not bought fast food since i moved on the third.

As for the lost silverware story…in my lease there is a clause that says the flatware she uses belonged to her mother and has sentimental value. She tells us that when a house mate moves in and out a count is done and all the house mates put money toward the flatware purchase. She told me my third of the flatware bill is around $300. I questioned that and asked for the inventories that “were completed upon my move in, when MC left and when BC moved in and when I left but especially when MC left because I have no record of having to pay her money for a purchase.” She has no inventories from previous times. NONE. She just ways that this is what is owed by me for my time in the house. Um, excuse me?

I then asked my former housemate MC what she had to pay because I have no records of having to pay anything when MC left. MC sad that she didn’t have to pay anything. LL never did the count and told her she owed anything. So…LL is saying I owe $300…and I say no, if you can’t prove what I owe, why do I need to pay this amount? She said I am calling her a liar. Yep. Sure am.

Oh, did I mention that MC fond two spoons and a couple other pieces in her stuff when she moved (over a year ago) that she JUST returned to LL? No mention of this from LL, no change in what I owe to her. MC also mentioned other items that she did not have to do: shampoo the carpets, extreme cleaning, etc, etc.

If LL refuses to give me back my $450 security deposit because of this I am going to file papers and take her to small claims court. She can’t stick me with the bill just because I am leaving and she is pissed that things are not going her way. She was pissed I gave 30 days notice then moved out on the 3rd. I paid for the month and the utilities. What does it matter when I moved out? With the wedding, dad’s visit, moms heart stuff and work stuff it was the time line that worked for me. There is no way I could have moved the week of Thanksgiving, this week. I had a long scheduled stay-cation that worked with the coupon I had from the moving company. And LL tried to say that I never shampooed the carpets or returned two items that got “shuffled” into my kitchen items. I returned them last week and spent chatting 20 minutes with the neighbor who liked me. I asked him to witness the drop off of the key to the mail shoot and the drop off of the items. LL said I owed her XX dollars for the stuff. I said I dropped it off , oh and did I mention that R says hello, we had a lovely chat when he escorted me onto the patio and stood there as I dropped all of it off. Ha! HA! I am SOOOOO GLAD I am gone!

I really hope that I get the chance to take her to court. She brags about how she has taken former housemates to court and always won. Let’s see her win this time, especially with the comments and email from MC.

And being able to control the heat/ac is nice too! I use lap blankets and wear layers in the winter. I hope my bill is less than $40 for the month each month! I am waiting for my first bill to come for electric and hot water.

..Friday the 13th doesn't bother me but the 14th drives me up the wall..

November 14th, 2009 at 12:09 am

Spending log Friday Nov 13: Dinner at Chicago Fire with K and J $26.00

One more day closer to mom's surgery and I am trying to get a grip on my emotions. I am the only one who is going to be at the hospital in case she has to get transferred to the other hospital if an emergency happens.

One sister can't afford to take the day off and I will text her every 15 minutes if I have to. Other sister talked about coming up after kids are sent to school but i mentioned they might have to transport her if they decide she needs to be at the other hospital and it is close to her house. It would be better for her to sit tight until we know if she is going to be up or down the hill. Mom has packed her bag and got everything together in case she has to be transported and for staying at my sisters for the three nights they want someone with her. My new place is to small and she hates the mattress on my bed. so now we wait......

Requesting some good thoughts please

November 12th, 2009 at 11:11 pm

Spending log: Thursday zero. Went home for lunch today as I live about a mile away now. Nice to do that occassionally and not worry about work. I am moved into the new place and love it. I will write more about that later.

The thing that is really hardright now is that my mom is facing an angioplasty Monday. She went into the doctor a week ago Monday with some chest pains. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure about two and a half years ago but has been good on medication and responding well. The pains came on Sunday night and she took two nitroglycerin and they went away.

I am incredibly scared for her. I want things to go well with the angio and all I think is that we are going to lose her. I am not ready to lose my mom. I know no one is ever ready but I am really scared. Tears come when I think of it.

Will you all say some prayers that we can get her through this and all be ok on the other side of Monday? I could really use the prayers and good thoughts.

Today update to worried to write more

November 11th, 2009 at 11:23 pm

Spending Log
Tuesday 14 at food source
Wednesday 21lunch with mom at applebees free meal event for veterans day for her