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interview today

September 29th, 2008 at 08:51 pm

It went ok. I am not happy about some of my answers after I thought about them in the car on my way to work.

I won't find out until Friday if the job is mine. While it is working for the same supervisor I worked for before and he wants me to work with him now, this is a new agency and all bets are off. I was the first person they called for the interview so I feel good about that.

I really want out of my job but I am not willing to lose the money i make or make a bad decision. I did decided that if this job does not come through I will begin looking to get a job anywhere now that the state budget has been passed.

The other interviewer was difficult. I can imagine this job being hard and wanting the same job but when i started answering the later questions with some material i had used earlier she cut me off and asked if i had new materials.

I was kind of pissed because while i had used part of the project in an earlier answer i was using other pieces of it for the answers to the other questions. i just continued on as if she had not interrupted me as the answers were there if she would just let me. When i looked at her 40 seconds later she was making notes and crossing off things on the work sheet in from of her.

Now, I was given a copy of the questions when i arrived at the interview so would'nt you think i'd note the answers and situatuons from my professional career that would be helpful?

Anyway I won't know until Friday and I hope that it is a good result for me professionally!!

full disclosure and updates

September 19th, 2008 at 10:20 pm

I hate my job. No surprise there but I leave work a couple days a week and cry in my car before I can drive home. That is not a good sign.

I am will interview for the job I applied for 4 weeks ago sometime in the next two weeks. I am almost finished with the 5th major 24 hours training I have written in 15 months and preparing for the 6th.

I have decided on the music I am going to sing for one of the in class concerts and the recital at school: the first one is Danny Boy. Long time readers Smile may say, um...didn't you sing that last year? Um...yes but I forgot the words to the third verse and kind of hummed along until I remember them. I want to redeem myself in my own eyes.

The second song is the Eva Cassidy version of over the rainbow. It is just beautiful and I love it. I hope to be able to do it justice. I am sure it will not sound like Ms. Cassidy as she had an amazing ethereal, jazzy, sexy voice but I am going to try. I practiced for an hour today and got the two rough parts down. There will be one more piece to practice and I have a month or so. The hard part is really getting the breathing down which is why I purchased and decided on this song. Maybe I can post something here and get some comments.

Because I am so unhappy at work I have begun avoiding friends and family. I just don’t want to be around people because I feel like I will snap and say something me because of the pressure and frustration of my job. I also have not been paying attention to spending for the past three months have blown a lot of money I needed to save for a ouse an debt payments. I have not gone to the gym in three months either. I already have a plan of action for getting a new job because a whole new job, new agency, new place of work means a whole change in my schedule and life.

I have two state position exams coming up as well. Both are still in my classification and are promotions (one over the other). While I am prepared to do the job of one, the other is a bit high. I just want to take the exam to see if I can get on the list and see what happens. I believe that I am still a little out of my league for that one. Knowing the people in that sector I would be about 15 ears younger than the next person. How strange it would be to manage people older than me. (and some with more experience.) I have seen the training products that come out of this particular office and it stinks. Maybe I could help to turn that around for the agency. Who knows.
I have a whole chapter of homework and 65 quizzes to do this weekend. It is a lot of work but if I pace myself I’ll be ok. The real estate class if quite boring and the instructor is just horrible but it is pretty easy. The other class is not so easy.

Oh and my friend moved from Hawaii to Michigan! She passed through on Tuesday and it was so nice to see her after almost a year. We are planning for a long visit for me once she gets settled, maybe during thanksgiving week. I could go for a week and only use 2 vacation days so that would be nice. But the frustrating part was that I just saved enough to come and visit her in Hawaii!

I am completly frustrated with the US government for agreeing to these stop gap measure with or money. Currently our national debt stands around 9.4 trillion (yes trillion) dollars. Enough for each person to owe about $32,000 to pay it off. Now we are going to add another half a trillion to it. I made the decision not to buy a house or make poor investments. Now i wish i had. Some of the investment minds think the government may end up makign a profit on the purchase of the mortgages and assisting banks. It just pisses me off that the money is going there. isn't free enterprise mean, if you screw up then you have to

I am going to crawl into bed, listen to a movie for a while and go to bed before 11.


September 7th, 2008 at 08:15 pm

How do you record onto your computer? I want to record an accapella version of a song to send to a friend (as a kind audtion)What do i need technically to do this?

i have a new computer bought last september from dell

Examinations, applications, FICO questions and a good weekend

September 2nd, 2008 at 04:04 pm

Reading MMMMB (Monkey Mamas Monkey Money Blog) made me realize that I have not pulled the report I get from AMEX monthly since the end of June. Pleasant surprise my scores went up to 784, 780, and 780. Yeah!!

Does anyone know how long items stay on your credit report? I am looking for the accounts I closed, student loans consolidated etc to drop off but they seem to last longer than I thought. Do they not come off at 7years? Id like to have the report print cleaner that it does.

Another question, when I went through running my financial number for a possible mortgage a couple months ago I knew my credit scores were in the high 770 and low 780s but the mortgage guy said my numbers were around 740-750. Does anyone know when the discrepancy in the numbers? His for all three credit reporting bureaus were 34-50 points lower than what I saw and I am trying to determine why.

My weekend was very quiet and pretty non spendy. I spent $25 on dinner for Friday for two of us, groceries Monday were $45 (saved 67%) and I think that is it. Most of that was fruit and veggies. I am planning to eat a lot of fruit and veggies this wee. It just all looked really good. Then I realized it was Monday and the farmers market was today although turns out I never got to leave the office for the market after all.

I have class two nights this week but one is a late class so I can still come home and have dinner before I have to go. For tomorrows class I need to pack something to eat for dinner ahead of time. Might only be a PB&J sandwich but at least I will have planned for it.

I am applying for two new state examinations and a new job today after work. One exam is a promotion for me (the next level in my current classification) and the other is a similar level to what I am now. It will allow me some flexibility to apply to other jobs in the agency I want to work. The job is with my former boss here so heres hoping I ace the interview (his boss and bosses boss will also sit in because he was my former boss.) I actually requested it (at his urging) because they want to hire internally but the job description is 75% of what I am doing now AND is working back with people in this agency. I already have relationships with those people, I know their foibles and strength and can work with the as I know how to approach them. What better to say, Look I already have the relationships. Lets get to work instead of building relationships for a year and making no progress.

And I will have my three year anniversary being here at the end of the month!