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Mileage Counts

April 1st, 2010 at 09:08 pm

Previously I had 98 and 56 miles.

Then I was sent on a business trip and had to drive 800 miles total in a week (last week.) but I am happy to say that I did not drive on any Friday or Saturday this month! Good old furlough came in handy. I don't spend money on Fridays unless it is absolutely necessary so....I feel good about that.

Deducting my commute is pointless because my commute is less then 3 miles every day.

Anyway, my mileage counts are 1219 for the month. about 800 more than usual. I want to try it this month but I have a week long trip for business I will be driving to because there is no airport to fly into that is cheaper. San Lis Obispo is beautiful but....hard to travel to. I need to be there for a week each of the next three months. Ugh.

I know my normal mileage was cut by about 40% and I am happy about that!

I also figured out that if we go back to our regular paychecks (and my 5% raise comes through) I could be cc debt free by March 2011. GOAL!

And if i stayed putting that same amont to my student loans I would be debt free in 3 years. BUT I cannot live like this for another three years so I am making my goal to pay off CC debt by March 2011 and student loans with in 6 years. That will still cut 24 years off their approximate payment schedule and cuts the interest by 88%. (my loan interest rate is 2.75% for the entire amount!)