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Still Sick; Came home from work

July 30th, 2018 at 05:53 pm

I am still sick. I went into work for a couple of hours then left to come home.

I did a quick grocery shop since I had nothing for lunches for work this week or breakfast. Also bought 2 bottles of vodka to make vanilla for Christmas gifts this year. I ordered grade b vanilla beans (better to make vanilla than grade a) and am waiting for them to arrive. A quick slice down the middle drop into the vodka and let sit for 5 months a viola yummy vanilla for baking. I already have the bottles and red ribbon.

I came home, put away groceries and then slept for 3+ hours. Obviously not feeling well.

I have to go and do a cat drop in sit and water a yard for a my friend (and now client for three weeks). I haven't ear marked the payment yet-need to figure out what I would like to do with it. It may just go into savings for a little while.

I need to trim two plants in my front yard tonight that are blocking the sprinkler heads from two areas of the yard. That is my only goal for today. I need to go to work tomorrow for at least the morning so early to bed. Oh and to put away 3 loads of laundry. I would honestly pay someone to put away the laundry - I never get it completely away.

Weekend Update

July 29th, 2018 at 05:26 pm

I didn't have many plans this weekend - just cleaning up the garage, the pantry, and organizing several kitchen cabinets to make space for the renter.

Unfortunately I've picked up a cold someplace and feel horrible. Summer colds are the worst especially when it is over 100 degrees. Today it was only 89 but I suspect that is partly because of the smoke in the air from the two fires closest to me the Redding Carr fire and the Yosemite Ferguson fire. Air quality is bad.

I did work on tax paperwork for the first 7 months of the year. Getting the expenses entered into the spreadsheet and categorized feels good to have so much done. I have about 15 receipts left to do but I am exhausted today. I took an almost 3 hour nap (not fully asleep but not completely awake either.)

I didn't go grocery shopping so I am trying to figure out what to do for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. I may gather enough energy to go to store for eggs and something for lunch but that would mean also taking a shower and I just don't have the energy.

I am happy I got the tax work done yesterday and mostly rested today. Also no AC today so saving some money! The AC had run daily for about 3 weeks. I am happy I have a house sit beginning on the 4th for a week and can turn it off for the week+. My bill is going to be high - this one usually is the highest of the year - but not due until September.

I had two people come out to trim back my hedges in the front and back yards this morning. The gardener usually did it but I needed them cut down so I could reach them. They were over my head and it was not possible for me to cut them. I used Takl the chore company. It took them about 2 hours for cutting all the hedges and taking the scrap away for the dump. It was $100, yard looks much better and I can keep them maintained as they begin to grow again. It looks odd so I may let them grow a bit higher as long as I can reach them to trim them.

Being sick means a really quiet weekend and it was nice.

life updates

July 26th, 2018 at 10:31 am

Found a roommate! He comes by this evening to sign the lease. He will start to move in August 25th. His first month’s partial rent will go toward several things I’d like to do to the house and a few supplies we are running low on (laundry detergent, cheap printer ink, etc.) Beginning in September all will go toward debt (and a small portion toward utilities).

Plumber stood me up on Monday. I took the day off and they never showed. Let my warranty company know I was very angry that this occurred. Suddenly received a text message that a plumber would be there an hour later (4 hours after the end of the wait time). I called and said he maybe there but I am out to dinner with my family for my birthday. He was mad. I laughed and said don’t even tell me about being mad! They tried to get me to pay the service fee. I laughed. I will not take another day off and the warranty company needs to find someone who can work Saturday between 9-1.

Locks changed in the bedrooms. It is a legal requirement for renter to have his own lock. Slowly I will change out all the door handles in the house from brass to silver. I think I counted 9 that have to be changed out but they are only $12 each.

Will have to clean out the pantry shelves, the kitchen cabinets, and the garage storage area for the new renter. Room and bath are already cleaned and will be again before he moves in. Youngish mid 20’s I think. Seems like a nice guy and all his references came back as super trustworthy.

Got called for the interview for the position I really want. I’ve been told by two friends on that side of the house that it is mine to lose. My name keeps popping up in meetings “She can take care of that when she is here” kind of discussions. I know the program better than anyone. I was told that I knocked the last two interview processes out of the park. I’ve been told that by each of the committee members at the lower two panels and one on the highest. I totally understand they promoted from within for the others. I want this one and I want out of where I am! And if it would allow travel for the project I could actually save quite a bit of money because I would live on the travel per diem. That would be nice!

I still hate cutting the grass. If I get this job and have to travel a lot (50%+) I may find someone to cut the grass every other week or so.

Bought travel insurance for the trip to Canada in September in case I need to cancel the trip for some reason but I know if I get the new job they will honor the time off – it’s been requested for almost a year and I am traveling out of the country.
UFM did not happen with buying the couches and some work I needed to do for having the renter move in. But that is life and all the work if a write off so eventually I’ll get it back next spring.

Some updates

July 11th, 2018 at 12:37 pm

WOW. So much going on.

I sold the leather couches I bought 18 months ago from a house sitting client for more than I paid and was able to buy a new Ikea corner sectional and ottoman (ektorp) for the family room. I wanted a really nice couch but since I am sill interviewing roommate potentials I decided having really nice furniture will have to wait for when I am debt free and no longer having roommates. It took me 5 hours to put together the sectional and tear own the boxes on Sunday. 5 hours! And most of that time was getting it unboxed.

Roommate interviews continue. These people are crazy. One wanted me to have all guests only use the master bathroom so she could have a private bath. Um...no. One offered $1600 to rent the master bedroom (mortgage is only $1450 so that would be nice) but if the average 1 bedroom apartment is $1000 a month why not get your own space? She had really bad credit and 80k in cc debt. So...nope. Several came smelling of pot and while legal I am a non-smoking non drug property as said in the ad so...nope. One was a great match and we were moving forward and then he was diagnosed with cancer so he decided to go back to his parents. I have three more this week that look good on paper. I am asking for $700 a month ($500 rent and $200 utilities.)

I fired my gardener and bought a lawn mower with the extra money in my utilities account. Because it is so hot the grass is not growing fast so cutting it twice a month seems good. I bought loppers and cut down the miniature peach tree. I also plan to cut down the 4 hedges I have that are over 6 feet to make them about 3.5 feet. Easier to maintain because right now I could not. I fired them because they raised their rates, brought in a new crew and they did not do anything I asked, ate lunch on my patio (I was fine with this) but they left their trash – three weeks in a row. I showed the owner the video tape and he still claimed it was not them – hello – they walked away and went back to work and left their trash all over my patio table. Nope. Done.

I have a new budget with the renter income planned so I know what is going to be paid off first. If I rented a room for 4.5 years all cc debt and student loans are paid off. Then I would save more toward retirement and toward paying off the house. I could have the house paid off around 58-60 which is when I want to retire so that would be nice.

I did not get the two jobs I interviewed for (made to third interviews though)but they promoted from within so that is good. I was asked to apply to several other promotional positions – which I’ve done now waiting for interviews. I really hope one of them comes through. With the state pension it would be beneficial, the extra income is nice, one has me traveling about half time so I would save money by living on the travel per diem which is great. I would have to close the house and pet sitting business though because emergency travel could occur at any time. I’ve significantly cut back on my house sitting the past two years and only work with a few favorite clients. They trust me and know my back up person is my sister or mom but I think it is time to close until I retire.

Going to a friends wedding in Canada this fall. Friends got me a studio in their time share for $550 for the week. The cheapest hotel in this area at the time of the wedding was $250/night. The hotel where the wedding will be held is $600/night American for the room so $550 for the week is great! We will cook breakfast and pack lunches and only have dinners out. We've planned some activities during the week but will play it by ear to see what else comes up. All this was money already saved in my vacation account. Amazon will deliver our food to the timeshare place the day we arrive - great service! We are each putting in $50 for food for breakfast and lunches and snacks (There are 4 of us staying at the same resort.) We've planned the meals already and who is responsible for cooking breakfast for 4 mornings. One morning is the wedding and that has a brunch right after and the last day is breakfast out as a wedding party then we fly home the next day. Looking forward to two weeks off at this time: one for the wedding and one after the wedding.