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life updates

July 26th, 2018 at 10:31 am

Found a roommate! He comes by this evening to sign the lease. He will start to move in August 25th. His first month’s partial rent will go toward several things I’d like to do to the house and a few supplies we are running low on (laundry detergent, cheap printer ink, etc.) Beginning in September all will go toward debt (and a small portion toward utilities).

Plumber stood me up on Monday. I took the day off and they never showed. Let my warranty company know I was very angry that this occurred. Suddenly received a text message that a plumber would be there an hour later (4 hours after the end of the wait time). I called and said he maybe there but I am out to dinner with my family for my birthday. He was mad. I laughed and said don’t even tell me about being mad! They tried to get me to pay the service fee. I laughed. I will not take another day off and the warranty company needs to find someone who can work Saturday between 9-1.

Locks changed in the bedrooms. It is a legal requirement for renter to have his own lock. Slowly I will change out all the door handles in the house from brass to silver. I think I counted 9 that have to be changed out but they are only $12 each.

Will have to clean out the pantry shelves, the kitchen cabinets, and the garage storage area for the new renter. Room and bath are already cleaned and will be again before he moves in. Youngish mid 20’s I think. Seems like a nice guy and all his references came back as super trustworthy.

Got called for the interview for the position I really want. I’ve been told by two friends on that side of the house that it is mine to lose. My name keeps popping up in meetings “She can take care of that when she is here” kind of discussions. I know the program better than anyone. I was told that I knocked the last two interview processes out of the park. I’ve been told that by each of the committee members at the lower two panels and one on the highest. I totally understand they promoted from within for the others. I want this one and I want out of where I am! And if it would allow travel for the project I could actually save quite a bit of money because I would live on the travel per diem. That would be nice!

I still hate cutting the grass. If I get this job and have to travel a lot (50%+) I may find someone to cut the grass every other week or so.

Bought travel insurance for the trip to Canada in September in case I need to cancel the trip for some reason but I know if I get the new job they will honor the time off – it’s been requested for almost a year and I am traveling out of the country.
UFM did not happen with buying the couches and some work I needed to do for having the renter move in. But that is life and all the work if a write off so eventually I’ll get it back next spring.

3 Responses to “life updates”

  1. Laura S. Says:

    Maybe the renter could mow it for a small break on the rent? I hope you get the position.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Hope you get that job! Sounds like it is tailor made for you.

    Laura's suggestion is a good one about the renter maybe mowing for a break on the rent.

  3. debtfreeme Says:

    I did ask him but he was not comfortable with that. Perhaps if he sees how easy the mower is to use he may change his mind.

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