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March Car Less update and plants question

March 15th, 2010 at 03:34 pm

Carless challenge for March:

March 1-7 = 98 miles (but no driving on Friday/Saturday!)

March 8-14 = 56 miles (no driving Friday/Saturday/Sunday! Didn’t even leave my house!)

I also hope to begin walking to work now that it is not dark when I leave the office. I can only do it Tues/Thurs as I have class that I leave to go to right after work Mon/Wed until the end of May when I hope to begin walking to work every day. Friday has been my car less day since the state furloughs began 13 months ago. I also spend no money out of pocket that day. (although I use the washing machine (and sometimes the heat and dryer) that day and clean the apartment...)

I have $26 dollars from last weeks gas bill. I only have a ¼ of a tank but I am going to fill it tonight with that $26. I hope to put this weeks $35 in my vacation fund.

I have an interview for my dream job in June. I could have selected Washington DC or Chicago and chose Chicago so that I could also have a bit of a vacation and visit a friend who lives about 90 minutes outside in Michigan. Another friend from this area is going with me and the three of us plan to do very little but hang out together. In Chicago we are going to do the city architectural tour and have a nice dinner together.


I’d like to get some plants for my apartment and patio. Do any of you know what can grow in a north facing apartment with no direct sunlight beside fern? I am betting the chance to have flowering plants will be small as there is no direct sun. It is bright on my patio because the sun reflects from the pool area but no sun directly in the apartment.