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Colors and One Card Down!

September 29th, 2007 at 10:17 pm

I paid off a cc this month! Well since I deposited my pay check yesterday the account will be zero on Wednesday. I wanted to give the paycheck time to deposit into my account. Only 5 more cards to go! I will have 4 of them paid off by end of September 2008. The other one will have 10k more to pay off but that should be done by March 2009. I could probably speed the whole process of paying of cc debt 3 or 4 months faster if I put nothing into savings but I donít feel comfortable right now with the cash on hand and saving $500 a month means that I can build the 911 fund back up to 10K or more. That is really where I feel comfortable. It is earmarked for various things (see goals to left) but truly it would be used in an emergency should one arise.

Guess I set some really long term goals for myself but I really want to make it so I only have my student loans outstanding. I think I can run serious numbers for a house if those are the only numbers I owe or am I dreaming? Anyone care to weigh in on that thought?

On another non financial piece, can someone walk through how to change the colors on our blogs? I have wanted to do it since they changed the formats but whenever I try nothing seems to stick. I canít type a color nor can I just select a color and have it enter into the box by the blog section names. Am I missing a driver on my computer or something? Please help if you can!

Have a wonderful weekend. I wonít have much to update financial wise until Novembersí pay check. But I do read every day at lunch and reading about some of you guys really keep me on track!

$40 to Car repair fund

September 27th, 2007 at 10:00 pm

Somehow I have $40 extra from my gas fund this month to put toward the savings account for my car repairs. It would have been more but I raided it twice for dinner with friends (not a lot, about $25). So I am happy to have a little extra. I think the not driving 30 miles twice a week for French class is helping to have less gas expenses. I am taking Mandarin and the course is only about 8 miles from home and kind of on the way from work. If I avoid the freeway I can drive through my favorite neighborhood and see the homes I dream about. Wide porches, established trees, 40 year old neighborhood it's just what I want. It is just so perfect and I get to drive through it twice a week! Lucky me!

Pay Day tomorrow!

September 27th, 2007 at 09:52 pm

Pay Day is tomorrow. I can't wait because I am going to pay off the National credit card. I am hoping they give me another 0% interest rate so that I can transfer my last one balance that has a higher interest rate and pay it off quickly. It is not that much and it is already added to the pay off plan I have to be debt free by January 2009!!. I am just so excited to pay off that card tomorrow. I am also going to be able to pay off another card by January. I am so excited!!

New Computer and No Regrets

September 23rd, 2007 at 02:21 pm

I broke down and bought a lap top. It feels nice to have a computer again after not having one for almost 4 years. I ought a DELL and like it so far except I do not like the touch pad and will try to find my old mouse. I think it is in a box someplace.

I will share the wireless with a roommate who already has it. She was very nice about it and didn't really want any money but if it is cheap entertainment for me then I am happy to help. It should average about 15 a month so to me that is not bad.

It is nice to be able to sit and type out an email or something to friends without saving it for my lunch break.

I have extra money this month and i will put that toward the cc I want to pay off or into the bank into my car care account. I will decide once I get me paycheck on Thursday. I really hope they have the deductions done so I can figure out how upping my 401k deductions will affect my take home. I think that after 3 months of working for this position it will be setup correctly. Ugh it drives me crazy not knowing the break downs but with this position I don't pay SS taxes and State disability but i put more away into the mandatory retirement so there is a difference and i hope it is corrected.

New Goals update

September 18th, 2007 at 12:57 pm

I am closer to paying off national card by October 1 then waiting to end of year! Yeah! the i adjusted the others based on completing this one.