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New year goals, January budget and savings

January 1st, 2009 at 10:57 pm

well it has been a while since I wrote a truly financial post. I came up with my budget for january 2009. Today was a no spen day, indeed I did not even leave the house. I am still "house sitting" (read getting a break fromy current living situation) at sisters house until they return sometimenext week. Have been here two weeks and have learned hat living in Folsom means my gas expenses would go up about 50 dollars per month than where I currently live for spending time with friends but I would only be minutes my two sisters and their families. So tough decision. Here isy budget for January 2000:

Rent: 465
Utilities (one third): 125
Cell phone: 75
Groceries: 200
Fun: 225
Gas: 160
Ameritrade: 50
Storage unit: 10
Car: 100
Car insurance savings: 100
Rental insurance savings: 35
Car repairs savings: 100
Netflix: 15
Audible.com: 15
CC#1: 75
CC#2: 100
CC#3: 170
CC#4: 130
Amex (paid off monthly): 59
Sierra savings: 100
Savings #2: 75
Gifts savings: 74
College classes: 90
House savings: 875

Leaving around 100 in the budget from my pay check from yesterday. February house savings goes to 1000 then beginning march will be 1200+ each month. That feels good.

With this same planning I will once again be able to pay off the two insurances from savings, gifts saved for, car repair/new car account getting to 5000 etc. It feels nice to have the plan. I love these kinds of plans and haVe been doing this for years now. I usually am pretty good about sticking to the budget but bad at writing everything down. That Is something I want to work on this year.

Keep written records and receipts for all purchases.
Hit the gym 4-5 times a week and loose weight.
Pack lunch or have food at desk ahead of time for saving money.
Limit tv time to ten hours a week (not including am news).
Figure out the happiness quotient I am missing from my life.
Keep I'm better contact with friends.

I think those are good to start with. Happy New Year everyone!