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April 2nd, 2018 at 08:00 pm

Turned on the sprinkler system yesterday to check how it was working since it was turned off in October and to wet the grass to apply some grass builder. Had issues with one sprinkler head broken off, one area said it was watering but nothing was coming out and one area gave me an error message.

Called the sprinkler guy today and made an appointment for Friday. Then he called this afternoon saying he was only a mile away could he look at it today. Raced home at 3 and he fixed it all. There goes my house maintenance savings for the month! But at least the money was there and it was an easy fix. No more house issues please!

April Paycheck

April 1st, 2018 at 02:16 pm

I get paid once a month. Current paycheck for April is divided this way:
Mortgage 1458.15
Sewer bill 65
Water 65
Garbage 41.88
Spending 200
Electric 72.04
Gas 49.13
Cell 96.64
IRA 25
Groceries 275
Gardener 65
House clean 80 (sister she needs the income but won’t just take it)
Car gas 140
cable/internet 179.27
Netflix 10.99
Audible.com 14.99
Clothing 30
Personal 20
Debt 65
CC (in full) 28
Debt 600
Cc (in full) 563.58

Car insurance 125
car repairs 100
College 50
House repair 50
Utility 12 (amount under budget increases when no heat & ac)
Healthclub dues 9 (99/year)
Health HAS 15
Vacation 50.02
Glasses 50.01
Gifts 100

Preping for the promotion exam. One down and passed rank 1; one more to go.