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dentist, cheap lunch and rest of day

January 21st, 2008 at 08:45 pm

We learned today that the man my mom almost married when I was 3 or so passed away. I don't remember him when I was little but he was a good family friend for over 30 years. It is so sad to think he is gone. My mom is quite upset as you can imagine but I think it I sore shock because she is just beginning to lose old friends.

Went to the dentist and all is good. No reason to go back for 6 months. I am always nervous I am going to have a big problem. Iíve seen the same dentist since I was about 12 so I never want to get on his bad side. Smile

Took my mom to lunch too after the appointment since I was in town. Cheap as she had coupon and the waitress only charged her for a kids meal for her cheese burger. She can't remember the last time she had one and she said it was really good. Spending the better part of the last two days with her was nice. It snowed while I was up the hill and it was beautiful. I am so glad that it did not stick but it would have been nice calling in to work tomorrow ďsorry I am snowed in.Ē hahaha!

I am prepping for an interview on Wednesday. I actually have to put together a mini training introducing me and the organization and how I can benefit them. Interesting idea and a lot of work for an interview. I am a little nervous but since I really want Job XXX not yet announced at another organization I am going to try and see what happens with this one. I am going to turn down the other one tomorrow when I get to work. It is just not worth it to me for this other position.

It was an inexpensive day today. Other than gas up and back to the dentist total spent on lunch was 16.00. Classes start tomorrow!

Only another week until payday and I can pay off another credit card.

movies, lunch etc.

January 20th, 2008 at 09:07 pm

Today I took my mom to the movies and for lunch. The first movie we saw was Mad Money. Made us laugh but also a little slow. The second movie was the bucket list. Good movie to me, a little slow in the beginning but great ending!
Am doing laundry now for the week. My sisterís dryer is horrible! It takes forever to dry anything. There are two pairs of jeans and a couple other small things and they have been in for an hour. If the house wasn't as cold as it is I would hang them up but I need something to run errands in tomorrow and to go to the dentist. YippeeÖ a visit to the dentist. I am going to try and schedule a massage tomorrow afternoon I could use one and I have a kink in my neck and shoulder that is causing pain in my elbow. I need to prepare for my interview Wednesday as well.

week update and thoughts about money

January 19th, 2008 at 09:57 pm

No spend Saturday but then again I never left the house today.

I prepared some test interview questions for a colleague going for a new job. I have a reputation for reviewing duty statements and coming up with the exact questions they will ask. I have prepared four colleagues in the past few months and all aced their interviews. What a nice feeling to help someone leave this office.

On other news the panel yesterday said I was number 1 on the list for the interview I did yesterday. It was difficult because they gave me until Wednesday to see if I want to go to the next step or do they offer it to someone else. The only good part is I would be out of the office. The bad things are in one year I would be topped out in salary, there is no chance of promotion to the next level as they donít have that classification, I pigeon hole myself in the state service and make it difficult to get anywhere else, there is no chance to design training programs just train, I end up losing money every month because currently I donít pay social security (I have all my credits but I am safety retirement) to the tune of $400 a month, and I would have to travel 70% of the time. But it gives me an out to leave this office. What do I do? This current classification tops out at another 1100 a month and this new one tops out at 400 per month. Ugh. Another interview on Wednesday for a different job.

It was a nice feeling meeting the director of the office and having her tell me, I want you but you need to make sure this will be right for you. I can wait until Wednesday. I really impressed her and it felt good to go in, answer questions, ask intelligent ones, debate the needs assessment I found online for this agency and just blow her out of the water. Often I think I should hire myself out to prepare people for interview. Could someone make money doing that?
Still house sitting and loving it! I truly do not want to live in a two story house but it has been nice not having to deal with house mates. This sit is unpaid because it is my sister and even what this will do for me gas budget this month it is worth it. But when I buy it will not be a two story house!

I am trying something different with my money this month. Usually I broke the three categories I use cash for into three envelopes and grab what I need for whatever. I have done this for a couple years and I really donít over spend what I set up for the month but it does mean the last week of the month I am usually broke. This month I figured out the money for each week. $40 for gas, $50 fun, $50 groceries and so far I have stayed in line no problem. The second week I didnít even have to get gas so I added the gas money to my car repair account. (That account took a hit in November so this is needed to rebuild back to my $1000 level.) It seems to be working better for me and I think I found the more refined program to help me save more and spend less.

401k and 457 deductions begin for me next at the end of this month. $450 to 401k, $50 to 457, $280 required retirement savings means I am saving $780 per month to retirement. And this does not include the stuff the state is putting away for me too. My goal is 1250 a month and I aim to get there slowly.

I miss Andrew but I am not sure if I miss him or the activities we did together. I can't afford some of them but he could and wanted us to do them regardless. He has called three times this week and they were good calls but I really know in my heart of hearts he is not the one for forever. I don't want to lead him one or prevent him from finding someone who wants to be with him forever. We are meeting for drinks next Friday before the wedding and going together because we were invited together so I hope that will be fun. Our friends are getting married on the 80th wedding anniversary of her grandparents.

and another week with no fast food eaten!

Weekend around here

January 13th, 2008 at 08:46 pm

Quiet. House sat for my sister and her family while they are out of town. Did not sleep well in her house!
Spent money yesterday but will be returning what I bought. Nice credit back to card. I need to shop for a new outfit for the interviews, maybe tomorrow after work.
I watched TV, studied mandarin characters, read, surfed the web for a bit and did some laundry for my sister and her family. She had some stacked up as they rushed out for their vacation. She planned to do it before they left but my niece fell off the balance beam at gymnastics and ended up in the ER. This meant the last two days before they left were crutches, bandages, ice packs and trying to pack clothes BB could wear with crutches. I only hope she is not afraid to back on the beam. And that my sister is not to upset about me trying to find something to do while they were gone. Will find out in three weeks.
Spent no money today which is good! Will be at home tonight and then at sisters for the rest of the week.

Saturday in January

January 12th, 2008 at 03:14 pm

Pretty boring week for me! Lots at work I canít talk about but the situation is getting interesting.

I decided to take 750 out of savings and put toward a credit card. I wish I was brave enough to take more out but with a possible freeze on hiring at the state and maybe trying to leave my job for another one I think I want a little more in savings but if I could get rid of one more card by February I would be very happy.

Got a job interview for Friday with a new department! Not really interested in the job but of course I will do my best on the interview.

I love my current job and duties and have proven myself for three years that I really donít want to start again. I have my eye on another department where some colleagues have gone (senior managers) who really know me, my skills, and my background and truly believe in the job I can do for them. Hopefully something will come up for this department in a couple weeks. It is really where I want to be and my professional goals lead me there.

Even if the man causing the problems leaves I think I will have to as well because the senior management of the office is upset about the situation and are not happy with me for bringing it up. Ok, letís review the facts: the man is a two faced employee, shows one face to management and one face to those under him, he uses in appropriate language, has called the office chief a b***H in a meeting with our team, has touched me (and others but I am not sure how many) inappropriately, has lied to managers who are his equals and colleagues about courting their employees to come and work for him leaving the other managers with staffing whole, asked me to mentor a former employee who he later called a ďhot, young, hottie who rides a motorcycle.Ē And I am the problem you have a problem with? If only they knew what he calls them behind their backs when talking those he supervises.

I'm very proud of myself for a personal goal I have managed to keep for 12 days. Might seem crazy to some but I made a goal that I reset with myself each day not to eat any fast food. I had fallen into a habit to get fast food 4-5 times a week. How unhealthy can I be? (at least my cholesterol and triglycerides are still below 150!) I am amazed at the amount of money have saved by not eating fast food. I have still eaten out but not any chain fast foods. I also have told myself I can eat anything I want for dinner or other meals as long as I donít eat fast food. (So I had fat free turkey dogs for three dinners this week, bad?)

I am trying to figure out why it is so much easier for me to grab fast food. Is it because the last year I a frustrated with work stuff? Tired? Not interested in taking care of myself and why am I not interested in taking care of myself? Lots to explore this year!

I did sign up for conversational mandarin, two swimming classes, and a voice class. Six units in school all things I want to study. How nice for a semester! I think the swimming classes will help with the stress thing and help me sleep. I hope to get back into the gym state of mind and getting to sleep earlier will help with that.

hopeful the end is coming

January 9th, 2008 at 03:50 pm

I had to escape my office this morning and so I went to the store to buy milk (2.69). At lunch I needed to escape and realized I did not pack lunch today so I went out to eat (magazine 3.99 and lunch 15.00). Not the most frugal of lunches but I really needed a break and someplace quiet and a good hot meal. It is a wonderful experience each time.

I hate my place of employment. What used to be a sanctuary where I could forget about everything else going on has turned into one of the seven pits of hell. I have never seen it this bad. It used to be my little section was insulated and secure and didnít face the problems that the rest of the office faces. Suddenly enter new sexist, despicable, rude, crass, know it all manager (who has no experience in emergency management or the processes we use or anything actually related to his job) and the morale goes down. Now picture a manager who is used to having 60 people in the office and where you are the top dog. Suddenly you accept a job where you have 2.66 people (yes 2.66 one person is only 2/3rds time) and the work load keeps building. You have no staff so you start to crap on those you do have. You know it is bad when you boss is actually letting you know of jobs you can apply for to get out of the office. When your boss admits that he is looking to leave and recommends that you do toÖwell you pay attention. I was so pissed and frustrated I almost cried at my desk. That is another sigh it is time to go.

At least I have good people who have agreed to be references. They are simply wonderful folks that I have had the chance to work with and they respect me and like me and know I try hard to fight for them to be successful. I do love working with them but with the expected hiring freeze none of them have openings I qualify for or those that do are a substantial pay cut (like 1K a month). I have worked hard to get to this level!!

update, savings, debt, new jobs possibilities

January 6th, 2008 at 01:56 pm

No spend days were Thursday, Friday Saturday. I am thinking about seeing a movie this afternoon but I am also tired and just want to take a nap. Just realizing it is after 1 and I won't be ready until after 2 means no movie for me because I refuse to pay 10 for a movie. Iíll go tomorrow after work maybe and pay 6.
I will register for classes tonight. I think I am going to take the mandarin conversational class. I figure if I earn one character a day I can learn all the ones I struggled with this last semester. This next course is supposed to be 90 percent conversation and pronunciation. It is for people who have not studied mandarin before and I think I fit that category. I just checked my grade and the instructor gave me a B in the mandarin course! I canít believe it! I struggled so long and hard in that course and he gave me a B! I am excited. I hope to study with him for the second full semester in the fall of 08. Now that I know I got a B I am definitely going to take the conversation course. I think I may take a swimming course or a walking course and a voice (music) course. I think it will be a fun but busy semester.
I did the budget for the month, paid bills etc. I decided to take half the money from my gifts account to pay toward debt. This allows me to have another card paid off by the beginning of February. I will keep putting away the same money every month to the gifts account but I am not going to plan to save toward a specific amount because when I reach someplace where I am comfortable with my savings I can put another chunk down.
I sent out resumes and applications for 6 new jobs and I am waiting for one more to be released so I can apply to that one too. That is the one I would really like the most and I am hoping to get a promotion out of it. But even if I did not get a promotion I would be happy to get a transfer out of my current work situation because the new manager is not appropriate to to work there. I donít appreciate being called honey or sweetie and I certainly donít need his hands on me. I know it is not just me he does it to but I am the only female employee under him soÖI just want out. He gives me the creeps and is really just inappropriate. He is a walking lawsuit just waiting to happen, I tell you!

New Fico 08 idea

January 3rd, 2008 at 04:45 pm

Here is the aricle, interesting:


Any comments on this revision?