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wow what a month

May 2nd, 2008 at 11:37 pm

April was a hard month. My car was in the shop twice to the tune of 2000. I had half that in saving for car repair and I charged the rest. I managed to pay it off by the end of the month but I ran into other issues this month called: buy me buy me syndrome. It seemed every time I went someplace something there ended up walking out with me. I am back on track for saving now but the end of March and April was really hard.

I started a new repairs account and already have 400 there. I opened a house down payment account and dropped 500 plus my stimulus package check of 600 plus a little extra I had left over from Wednesday’s paycheck and I am already at 1400. That feels pretty good right now.

I have had to sing several other pieces in class and they were ok but I still missed the words in one of them. I lose my concentration part way through then get lost in the song until I can get back on track. Ugh.