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long time no write....

September 25th, 2009 at 01:31 pm

I have been really quiet posting because I really have not had much to say.

I have made offers on three houses/condos and have always been outbid by only a couple thousand dollars. It is interesting that then they come back and have problems with the financing. I have resubmitted offers on the same houses twice because of financing issues. Why not choose the candidate with the best credit and score and less debts owed then the offer that is offering the most money. Even the house I fell in love with 6 months ago is back on the market because of financing issues. I am not willing to bid again because mello roos and how fees equal 315/month on top of the mortgage. Just to rich for me. If it came down 25k then maybe I would consider it again.

Work is going ok. I had my review and had “excellent” in all categories but I will not receive a raise at all because of the budget issues. My 5% came in July and they quickly took 4.8% away for the furlough day they added. So my “raise” this year was .02%. not even close to the cost of living.

Anyone notice the cost of gas? $3.15 per gallon here. It is trading below $70 and it is $3.15?

I signed up for the written foreign service exam in October. That is my dream job. Even my boss knows it and the joke he tells me is he is retiring in one year so I better pass the orals this year and get a job offer so he can retire and know I am ok. I enjoy working with my boss and the team we have. I am just so burned out right now that it is painful to come to work.

I have been house sitting a lot lately, pretty much continuously since August 1 except for two nights spent at my house.

I have added close to $2000 to my house savings account in the past few months by being careful in my shopping, using coupons, not going over my budget, bringing my lunch to work. I have an additional $2400 planned for by the end of October. I stand at $3125 for this additional savings so ….maybe I can make the $2400 addition!

I have been reading even though I have not been posting, glad to see so many regulars and the newer blogs so active.

I am so ready for fall weather and it is supposed to be 103 degrees tomorrow!