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small business idea

July 5th, 2007 at 10:51 am

I have been thinking about how to start a small business in house sitting when people go on vacation. There are several people I do this for pretty regularly and I enjoy it. Since I currently live in a home with 2 house mates, it feels like a mini vacation for me.

I provide services from pet and house sitting, watering plants inside and out, and obviously returning the house to the same condition (or in some cases better) as it was left.

One family I sit for has two dogs, I stay there and I watch the house providing companionship for the animals and security for the house. They pay 30 per night. Most agencies in this area seem to charge about the same and most do not have someone in the house, just stopping by once or twice a day to feed and water animals and make sure that the house is secure.

I am wondering is anyone has started a small business and can give me information and advice? I would like to earn some extra money and this is a nice and simple way that I enjoy.