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Netherlands here I come!

November 27th, 2006 at 08:57 am

Tomorrow i leave on my trip to visit my sister and her family for two weeks. I am very excited but still have a lot to do! i need to locate some beef jerky for my brother in law. last gift i need to take. my other sister has a whole suit case of stuff for them. it is going to be hard to move through customs with the size of the suitcase!

I won't be here for the next three weeks until i return!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and see you when i return!

November 1 2006

November 1st, 2006 at 07:59 pm

So much has happened in the past five weeks: my favorite boss is leaving our office to and work for another branch of our agency. I loved working with him, learned a lot and he was the one who got me the two promotions and raises in the past 18 months. I greatly enjoyed working with him. I would like to get him a good luck card, to cheesy? To kiss up? I am not sure.

I caved in and bought a ticket to go and see my sister in Europe. I leave the week after thanksgiving and will be gone for two weeks. I didnít have quite enough to cover the flight but it will be paid off(with no interest) before I leave due to pay day hitting at the right time and me taking part of the budget for food and gas in December to cover the 150 I was short. Since I am gone for two weeks of December I wonít need the money and I really need the vacation. Here, when I take a day off I still get so damn many emails and even phone calls. I have made myself indispensable, which means job security, but really canít something wait until I have returned?

I am going to really try and stick to my budget well for November. Helps that there is a four day holiday in there where I donít have to spend money.

My sister and I had a bit of a disagreement. I would like a list of possible gift ideas for her kids by thanksgiving if there isnít one then they just might get gift certificates as they are really the only ones I have yet to but for. It is frustrating because she and her husband spoil them rotten (are still good kids) but everything they ask for they get, everything! It gets tiresome.

I am really ready for the vacation even if it is not really one, just me visiting family. Just ready to be away from my office!

car battery died today and i might have to replace it if it does not keep the charge.

spent 5.22 for dinner tonight before class and test.