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Odds and ends

July 9th, 2008 at 01:08 pm

Counting change: $156 since I last deposited it in July 2007. This is my vacation fund for the trip to Ireland this November. I also found 50 Euros from my trip a year ago to put toward the trip money needed while there.

I am house-sitting for ten days so that is $300 more to go toward vacation. I am half way there with my savings for my portion of the trip. I know I will have some birthday money coming this month from my Dad. I also have some money in an envelope marked vacation at home but I am not sure how much is there, probably about $100 or so.

I also have an additional $500 at home that is just my savings of any $1 bill that come across my path (not always just when I seem to have a lot of $1 bills.) I might use that for the trip or not. I have to see how I feel a little closer to it.

Got a letter from my student loan company, no payment needed for July as deferment papers went through. I can use what I was going to put there toward vacation. I am only $194 away from my vacation needed. I have some extra sitting in my checking account from other sources (surveys, cat sitting etc.) that I can put toward vacation. I should have my vacation paid for before the end of the month! Then all I need to do is save money for rental car gas, food and any thing I want to buy to bring home which will be no problem. Everything else is already planned including toiletries, misc items, clothing etc.

I do need a different coat as the one I have I received my senior year of high school for a Christmas present. I graduated in 1992, you do the math. I can no longer water proof it or anything. It is ok for running around when slightly chilly but no longer good in rain or cold. Maybe it is time to give it away?

I bought new mattresses. The old ones were killing my back. Iíll try these for a month and if they donít work then Iíll go back and buy the other ones. (I had a hard time making up my mind.) The second pair is slightly cheaper so if I return these then I get the difference returned.

The sad news is the bed frame I wanted to buy from IKEA is on back order and I have to wait 4-6 weeks until it comes in with the size I want. Ugh. I should have bought it in April when I was there and they had one. I have wanted this frame for 4 years and it is nice and sturdy but also not expensive. A nice wrought iron frame will look good in my room.

My car insurance is due in August and I have the entire amount saved plus the estimated amount of my renters insurance which is due in February ($300). I will continue to put away $180 a month for both in August so that I am covered in insurance through 2010.

My nephewís birthday is Monday of next week and I have no idea what to get for him for his 11th. He really wants an I-pod (not from me!) or more video games so maybe a game the family could play. I have another birthday happening in September for my niece who is turning 5 (going on 20!). I think she will be easier.

My 5% raise is coming through this month. I am excited but I have just applied for a federal job in my area. I hope to at least make it to the interview part. I know I could do the work (indeed I do similar stuff here at my current job but at the state level not federal level.) I could be debt free except for student loans in less than a year and with student loans in less than 4. I would have to travel for extended times for unexpected emergencies but I could buy a house here in the area and still pay off debt. Crossing my fingers!

I have 800+ saved for Christmas and birthdays this year. I am hoping that I can do what I did last year and do the shopping ahead of time with money from each monthly paycheck but if I cannot then I have money set aside. I am still saving monthly for this as well. I had 3000k there last year but I took 2500k out and used it for debt.

I registered for two classes for the fall: Voice and Real estate. I want to buy a house but I want to know more the language and what an agent needs to know to prepare to buy. It is only an 8 week class two nights a week. I am wait listed for the geography course I am interested in taking. I take 6 units a semester to put my loans in deferment and to study those things for which I didnít have a chance in college. I still make the payments to my loan company but this way there is no interest accrual against my loans. And it keeps me busy and out of the house. I have met a lot of really interesting people this way too.

Called about the trip. The prices have doubled since i saw it listed. She actually said " oh that was ofnr 48 hours only at that price." Really? Why is it sill listed at that price now? ugh.