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Tuesday Feb 28

February 28th, 2006 at 02:09 pm

Greetings from rainy, foggy, cold, plowing hail from the streets Sacramento!

So yesterday I met with the finance guy who helps manage my IRA from rollovers of different 401k programs. I had great returns this year averaging 21% so if I can keep that ball going for the next 30 years it would be good! I just wish there was more money in those accounts to have made even more. It was nice to plan what to do with the small roll over from my part time job I had for the past year and a half. Going with an aggressive international fund for the next year or two as we both think that will be the place to invest seeing what has happened in the past several years.

Had French class last night I love that class! I also took 150 from my savings account at another bank to assist in the move stuff and it looks like I can return it untouched since tomorrow is pay day. Yippee! I love that!

I also have money left this month in the parking/gas fund of cash. Being sick for 2 weeks and not having parking during 6 days really helped me save 50 dollars. It would have been more but I spent a good deal of it dining when I was not feeling like cooking. 5 here and 5 there really added up. I would have saved easily another 50 if I had not done that and eaten what I had at home. I will fill my tank today after work to start March with a full tank and not have to make that the first expense of the month. I want to see if I can make it two weeks with out having to get gas if I begin to carpool with a friend to work. Only 6 miles but letís see what the saving in parking and gas are after a month. I will also take what ever is left of that account from February's money and put it with my home emergency fund. I am keeping a small amount of cash at home with my change to cover any unexpected small expenses that might happen. Adding this to it will be nice and when it gets to be too much then I deposit it into my long term savings for emergencies account or dropping it immediately against a cc bill.

I have not spent any money today but I am going to see a movie tonight with a friend and we have already agreed not to have dinner out (saving money) but we will buy popcorn at the movie. I never go to the movies at night always preferring to hit the early show on the weekends or go by myself after work during the week as the prices are cheap until 5 or 6 during the week. I just plan to go to the latest one possible.
Does anyone else notice that there are some blogs you ready every day if you have limited time? I realized there are several I look for each day and when they are not there I begin to worry a bit wondering if they are ok. Reading these entries really helps keep me focused and I thank each of you that participate!

February 27

February 27th, 2006 at 12:11 pm

SO I successfully moved over the weekend. I am not liking my new place so much but hope it is only for a few months, until august hopefully. I hop by then to have a new job and maybe qualify for a home mortgage.

This new place, the person who owns it has cats and seems to be not very good at cleaning the liter box, or else she is so use to the smells that it does not phase her.

I hate the smell. I am keeping my door closed and the cats out and am leaving the window open about an inch for fresh air in my room. That helps quite a bit.

This new room is going to cost me about 200 more per month. I think I could have found something cheaper in the long run but I just wanted out of my situation. He made it impossible to take the time that he said to take to find a new place, was grumpy and depressed.

I had to pull some money out of savings to cover the move. Originally I had arranged to use a mover then the day before they cancelled on me! I managed to find enough family and ďhiredĒ two young men to come and move the two heavy pieces for me. Ridiculous but at least they got the two heavy pieces upstairs when I didnít think it was going to be possible.

I took money out of savings but I think I am going to be able to put most of t back since I got paid from a friend who owed me money for the trip to LA last week. That is nice to be able to return to savings.

I went and say two condos in the area I would like to live. 525000 and 464000! Outrageous! The first one was nicely laid out and I really like it a lot, but other than the size it is not really worth that much money. And the dues per month were almost 400! The second one was two bed/bath one story and was not worth what he was asking.

I am going to start looking at foreclosures and see if I can find anything reasonable. Saw a couple on line that were possibilities but I want to live in an area that I feel safe living in by myself and most are not even close to that.

Iíll keep looking.


February 23rd, 2006 at 07:39 pm

So i am back at work but have no real motiviation. i am moving this weekend into a place that will end up costing me about 200 more a month but i will be car pooling with someone from when work when i can so should help to save some parking money there.

i am still incredibly tired but am aiming to do better at saving money. am getting a refund from both state and fed this year which is nice and is going directly into the bank. i might have to buy a new phone as my current one is not acting well and it is kind of old.

nothing else really to report.

so tired and trying to catvch up

February 14th, 2006 at 11:40 am

well so much for a good month. i caught a cold and it turned into pneumonia so i missed 2 weeks of work. almost all my sick time gone.

and them my room mate hits me with the i think it is time for me to live alone you need to move stuff this past week.

at least it prodded me to start looking at property and houses. houses too expensive but maybe an older condo will work. found one that has been completly remodeled started doing paperwork only to be told that since my job is a contract one the % is really high for the loan almost 9 %forget it. i'll wait until i find another full time non contract position and just keep saving. but i really want the house. at least it has received no offers and it has been on the market for 3 months. market has really slowed in the sacramento area in the past 6 months.