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Been a rough year+

March 14th, 2018 at 07:54 pm

For the first time in years I have credit card debt. Depression is a horrible thing. I bought to make myself happy in 2016 and early 2017. Now I recognize the symptoms and have it under control.

I have a plan to get it paid off by Summer 2019. Earlier is better but right now it is all zero interest thanks to a balance transfer. How embarrassing to have this debt.

I am currently interviewing for a new house mate. It is difficult - people are not what they advertise. One showed up drunk and reeking of marijuana even though I advertise as a smoke free property. One has his kids every other weekend and wanted me to put them in the spare area of my own bedroom when they visit, and one has a record and because of my job I cannot live with someone with a record - even if is happened more than 30 years ago when she was 18. She can expunge her record and then she could move in. Looking to interview more this weekend.

Rent is $750. $100 to utilities account for months when I am over the budgeted amount. $100 for house maintenance/emergency fund and $550 to debt. With the amount I have earmarked from my paychecks for debt I should be done before my goal but have the wiggle room. Room is all set - now I have to get the rest of the house ready.

Have an appointment for an attorney to review my lease to make sure there are no problems.

Have a plan for the debt:
credit card debt first
student loan extra to pay off in 5 years
$100/month to the zero interest loan the state gave me when I bought the house.
then the mortgage.

I still want to retire in 2033 if I can. Pension from the state, my savings, my social security when I am 67. I should be just fine but I want the house paid off before I retire. And of course the student loans gone, too!

I've made a few sales on facebook and I have several pending sales this weekend. It isn't much - maybe $200 in the past few weeks and a couple hundred if everything sold tomorrow. It is going toward making a couple changes to house before renter moves in. I need to replace the blinds on my slider in my bedroom. From the kitchen you can look right into my bedroom and the blinds are broken - can't close. I am replacing the horrible puce colored vertical blinds with simple lined light gray blackout curtains. Should help in summer with heat (slider gets sun for hours) and winter (the room is the coldest in the house). Curtains and rod were $75.

I painted the guest bath and laundry room at Christmas. I am replacing the towel rods in that room and hanging my elephant hook coat rack in the laundry room. It is the room I walk into from the garage so hanging wet stuff there makes sense. I can also hang items on a hanger to dry in that room or pull from dryer and hanger right away. I love elephants and this was a great Christmas present that I want up.

I cleared out cupboards and space in the pantry for renter.

Still house sitting and pet sitting. I turned down a lot of business last year due to work emergencies (I work in emergency management and emergency preparedness) which would make animal care difficult. I only kept my favorite 25 or so families whose animals are easy and I love and they understand my job. It was only about $7k last year.

I was approached by my old boss (who recently received a promotion) to apply for a promotion under her. I applied this week. Interviews will be in a couple of weeks. I am already preparing possible interview questions - it is a manager over 4 managers who have 4-6 people under them. I know I could do the job for management. The specific program information I would learn although much of it I already know. I will probably over prepare as I always do. But it makes me feel comfortable. I have an excellent rep as a manager and people want to work for me so moving to a new program would be a professional challenge for me and open a few doors for the future.

She told her new boss I am interested in jumping ship and he stopped by my office and told me to apply, that he would welcome my experience, leadership, management style, and analytical skills in his area. He is retiring for good next year (they keep brining him back) and he said It would be nice to see you in my spot. I said but XXX may want it. He said She doesn't and we both agree having you in that position would be good. We look forward to seeing you at the interview panels.

If this one doesn't pan out - maybe there is a better candidate - I am applying to several other promotional positions.

One good thing has happened since April: I've lost 80 pounds. I have about 50 to go but I feel great, look better, am super healthy, and super active. All good things!

Here is to a successful 2018 for all of us.

5 Responses to “Been a rough year+”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    Wow, such great news in many respects.

    Congrats on the weight loss!

    And equal congrats on the possible new job; it sounds like they really want you for that position.

    I also give you kudos for posting your financial goals here for all to see. It does hold you accountable, in a way. You sound very determined...I have no doubt you'll achieve the mortgage and student loan payoff. Having a plan is so important; a lot of people just "wing it" and hope for the best.

    Those potential housemates you interviewed don't sound good at all; glad you're continuing to interview.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Welcome back! Sorry about the depression. It can really wreak some havoc on our lives. You have great goals and potential for turning things around and paying off the debt. Nice work on that weight loss!

  3. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    good luck! Sorry it's such a bad year

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry for all the troubles, but that weight loss is amazing. Hope you can find better candidates for roommates. Yikes!

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Amazing on the weight loss! Sorry about the not good year.

    Good luck with new job possibilities.

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