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Update 10/14/2009

October 14th, 2009 at 02:02 pm

I updated my ticker to show an additional $900 to my down payment account. I should have another $500 or so to add. I was hoping to add in closer to $800 on the second deposit this month but the weight I have gained in the past year has really started to show in my clothes and while I am working to lose it, I need some work clothes!

Someone posted a comment about my goal of working for the foreign service someday and asking where I would want to go. With the FS you have to have world wide availability. You serve at the pleasure of the department and while you bid and work toward a particular post, they really have the final say as the where you serve.

I would be happy anyplace. I speak Spanish and have studied French, Russian and Mandarin in the past ten years. I also studied a bit of Dutch when living in Holland and a semester of Korean in college for a job I had. I would go where ever they want!

The price of gas was $2.85 when I went to fill it last night. The house where i have been house sitting for the past month is about 40 minutes to work on a good day. I have seen my gas bill more than double in the past six weeks. I have no more house sits until the week before Thanksgiving.

The last house sit couple asked me if I would be interested in sitting for a month next year. Of Course I would.

2 Responses to “Update 10/14/2009”

  1. kimiko Says:

    Woooh, that's quite the repertoire. How in the world do you keep from mixing them up. I'm up to four languages now and I find myself unconsciously mixing them up. The other day, I was attempting to speak Spanish to this lady and half way through, instead of saying "pero" I ended up saying "demo" (Japanese). Didn't even realized until she interrupted me saying she didn't understand.

  2. debtfreeme Says:

    It happens to me too. Luckily Mandarin is very different than the others and I am horrible with it having only studied for two years. Spanish I studied for 20 years off and on. French more recently and Russian in the peace corps. Unfortunately I am forgetting a lot of it not that I don't speak it very often. I hope that if I get in to the FS having these language back grounds will make it a little more relaxing during the training, at least for the first few weeks.

    Studying languages is like traveling from an arm chair when I just can't afford travel because of time or money.

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