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End of month update

June 28th, 2015 at 11:24 pm

Well I think it is time for an update. I updated the sidebar with current information.

The housemate who was going to move in in May is looking for a new job and I did not have her move in. I know she will eventually move away from the area and I don’t want to deal with finding a new housemate quickly. Also, I think it would be better to rent to someone who is not a friend already. My attorney reviewed the lease and I should have it back later this week. I want everything on the lease so there are no problems or questions.

Business has been good the past few months. Already in six months, I have made more than all of last year. With current scheduled bookings through the end of the year I am $1,000 over last year. And this doesn’t include all the bookings that occur without planning in advance. I hope to make $8k this year which may not seem like a lot now but it would be nice to make close to what I made in my best year 6 years ago before the fall of the economy.

I am on vacation this week. It feels good to have some time off! I plan to relax but also get some more boxes unpacked or repacked as necessary. I am not putting out any décor items until the flooring is replaced and painting is done early next year. I can live with plain furniture for a while. I have made a few trips to goodwill so far and I know there will be some more in my future.

This week I also have appointments for some estimates for a whole house fan and a repair person is coming out to look at my treadmill to repair it from the move. I really want my treadmill fixed and really want to find out about a whole house fan. The area where my house sits gets a nice breeze many days during the summer but not enough to cool down the house even with all the windows open. I really dislike running the AC all the time in the summer not to mention the cost. I know it would take some time to earn back the cost of the installation but I need a new cut out into the attic anyway and they will do that as part of the install. I am hoping to use the existing attic entrance in the laundry room for the fan but will see what they say.

I have been mystery shopping for the past couple of months. Sometimes it is for grocery stores or for gas station visits with reimbursements for purchases. They also pay for the information that is provided so all the extra little income for something I already need to buy is great! I am tracking the income separately from the money reimbursed. I use the same reimbursed amount each month for future shops while saving the fees paid for the first house project I want to do: rain barrels installed.

I am still collecting shower water in the morning before it gets hot for my veggie plants. I use the shower or bath water for the roses or other plants in the back yard. I think at some point they are going to tell us to stop watering. I am already limiting the watering but want to keep things green otherwise they are a fire hazard.

My nephew will be coming later this week to help me measure the two spare rooms for renting purposes. One is my office currently but if I ever needed it, I’d like to know the dimensions.

2 Responses to “End of month update”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Congratulations on your business growth! Great work.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Seems pretty smart not to have someone move in, just to have to find someone else not too long after. You sound like you're keeping pretty busy!

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