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minimal spending this week

March 17th, 2018 at 09:20 am

Spending was light this week for the most part. I took my new employee and one other team person (the rest were out of the office) to sushi for lunch on his first day - team building will hand receipt to accountant for my taxes this year.

Added $13 to the gas tank yesterday. I think that is $40 in gas this month. I should have about $50 to put toward savings or debt at the end of the month. I am trying to get the car maintenance to $3k with monthly savings of $100 (more than half way) then I will focus on debt. With a Prius I always worry something big will happen but 5 years in just general maintenance. I rarely use the full amount I budget for gas each month ($140) and either put it toward debt or savings.

Bought a hash brown at McDonald's with the team on our road trip $1.25. Lunch was picked up by a colleague because we discussed the possibility of her husband redoing my kitchen cabinets when the time came. It will still be three years away at least with other financial goals in place.

On Thursday my boss took two of us to lunch - and he paid which is the first time ever. And for dinner a friend who needed to talk called and said hey lets grab dinner and then she paid because we sat and I listened to her talk through an issue for a couple of hours. Not necessary but helpful.

Went to the gym for the first time in 5 weeks. I had the flu in February and doctor said no gym until I could make it through a night with no cough syrup. I will go again today and hope that next Saturday I can restart my fitness challenge.

I did pay for pizza and salad last night- had a friends kids while they saw a movie. She will pay me next week - but if she doesn't I am good. $35

I have a handy man here doing a few things I can't do to ready the house for a renter (new towel racks, removing old vertical blinds, hanging a coat rack, and something else. And he has a truck and can pick up two new screen doors for me. (wont fit in my Prius). He charges $25 a hour so it will be about $50 and the cost of the two screen doors - which are on sale this weekend for $55 a piece. All of this was planned spending so I have the money. Tax accountant reminded me to hold on to all work receipts for house work in preparation for a room mate for my taxes this year.

Need to make a meal plan for next week and a grocery list.

Tomorrow a chair I ordered (when I bought the new sleeper sofa a couple weeks ago) is being delivered between 8-12. Then I will see a movie maybe (gift cards-I have several hundred dollar in movie passes!) and the grocery shop.

I am also taking an online exam for another Promotion. The leader, same one from earlier this week, popped into my office yesterday and asked me to apply to an even higher position. So I need to take the exam and be on the list. I wont rank in the highest rank but I need to pass the test to be able to be hired. Nothing set in stone but he liked my leadership on a project with part of his team and said I would be an excellent addition. So...maybe one of the promotions will come through.

I've arranged for a free bulk garbage pick up on Monday morning. We get three free a year. I've been cleaning things out of the garage the past few months and have enough for a pick up plus I am tossing all the old garden "gnomes" from the previous owner, an old laundry rack that rusted, old blinds, and old mattress used for guests, an old hose, and a bunch of odds and ends. Making room and cleaning up the yard feels great!

My 3 rain barrels are full. Lots of rain the past couple of weeks (and snow in the mountains). I use the barrels for watering the porch plants during the summer - it saves a little bit of money and were so helpful during the worst of the drought. This summer is going to be a bad fire season and we haven't had enough rain or snow yet this year.

I sold several things this week: stacking baskets for the closet (came with house and I hate them) for $25 and a brand new child's toy I found in a box for $10. Every little bit helps grow the at home emergency fund. Lots of things to still sell if I can!

1 Responses to “minimal spending this week”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Our friends have a Pruis and after 11 years, they had to replace the big battery. They were told that is common around ten years.

    You've been quite busy. Hope you are over the flu and it's side effects. It has been nasty this year.

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