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Daily update

March 22nd, 2018 at 02:33 pm

I received my state tax return of 1300+. I put 1000 toward the cc debt and kept about 300 for future spending I know is coming.

I received $394.98 for travel reimbursements – parking and mileage to meetings for work. I put that toward my car maintenance savings making it $1912. I am still waiting on another $125 in reimbursements for parking and mileage that will go to this account.
I also save $100 a month to this account from my pay check and 5% of any house and pet sitting income.

Need to do some grocery shopping. I only picked up a few things on Sunday to make it through the week.

I am housesitting for a client next week for the week. That is $352 I will put in the bank for a short time until I run the numbers for the rest of the year. I think I know of all expenses that may pop up during the rest of the year but I will double check this weekend. It may stay in savings for a short time or go to the zero interest credit card debt.

My two sliding glass door screen doors are being repaired this week. $105 for both plus a window screen, and pick-up/drop off. I tried doing it myself but I have NO patience for this sort of work. Mentally it was better to find someone to do it. And several friends asked for recommendations so this will help them, too, if they do a good job. It was much cheaper than replacing two odd sized doors.

Busy preparing for the interviews and prepping answers to an online promotional exam. harder than I anticipated it to be. I really want the three – better retirement, and I could save a lot more in 401k and 457 to be able to retire at 58ish.

I was told of two more promotional opportunities so hopefully one of them will work!

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hope you do well on your promotional exam! Good luck!

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